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Our Crystal Apples make great personalized gifts for teachers. Large selection and great service.

Why the Crystal Apple?            Purchase an Apple for your Teacher

In days gone by, rural school teachers received little more than free room and board as pay. Families of students helped out by sending provisions. Apples were a sensible choice because they were plentiful, cheap and easy to carry. Phrases such as “an apple for the teacher” and being called an “apple polisher” are still sometimes heard in our speech today. The apple also has an association with the biblical tree of knowledge. Another familiar saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” associates this common fruit with health and wellness.

For these reasons, the crystal apple makes an excellent, lasting symbol with which to honor excellence in the education or health care fields. Apple Awards offers a variety of crystal apples for recognition awards, many of them exclusive to our company, and sourced from the U.S. and all over the world. Available in a variety of sizes, colors and presentations, all of them are made of optical grade glass that boasts incredible clarity, reflectivity, and beauty. Apple Awards offers the widest variety of crystal apple colors on the market including red, green, blue, pink and the popular clear. The crystal apple makes an impressive way to mark achievement or retirement for that special instructor or care giver and can be personalized in ways that make it unique and memorable.

All our crystal apples are able to be personalized either by deep sand etching your inscription or logo directly onto the apple or by purchasing a base that can be laser engraved. All our personalization is done by our experienced Apple Awards graphics arts team.

See all of these apple choices as well as apples in aluminum, brass or marble, plaques and other award items at, a full service internet catalog. Work within the website to arrange your message of appreciation and see the virtual product as it will appear. Apple Awards handles all sizes of orders in a timely manner and has experts available to help you with any questions from design to shipping of your product. Our priorities are customer satisfaction and quality of product.

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