Sand-Etching Artwork Price and Policy

Etching our 3 Dimensional Apples:

Logo Area Available

Etching on Flat Surfaces:

Sending Artwork or Engraving Information:

Apple Awards prefers that all artwork be uploaded to your online order at the time it is submitted.  If ordering by fax or e-mail you may attach the artwork and send it by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If that is not possible or your artwork is larger than 8 meg. Please call 1-800-248-6243 and our staff will help you to make other arrangements.
Acceptable Formats (Mac or PC) (also referred to as "Vector"or “Line Art” artwork)
  • Adobe Illustrator CS4 or lower (.EPS or .AI)
  • PDF (images have to be actually created in illustrator or CorelDraw, not "placed")
  • CorelDraw x7 or lower (.CDR or exported as .EPS or .AI)
Unacceptable Formats (Mac or PC):
  • JPG, GIF or any other web generated or scanned files
  • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel
  • BMP or PCX
  • Adobe Photoshop .EPS or .TIF or .JPG
Not Sure? We can help!!
When you send your artwork in to Apple Awards our staff will determine if it is acceptable or unacceptable. The good news is most of these unacceptable formats can be converted to acceptable black & white formats by our staff for a one time fee of $15. This $15 fee is automatically included on your order when you submit artwork for the first time. If we determine that your artwork is acceptable and does not require modifications we may waive this $15 charge on your final invoice. Multiple color images will cost more and will need to be quoted based on complexity. You will be notified by phone or e-mail with a cost quote if this is necessary. We will even provide you with an electronic copy via e-mail of your vector artwork for your future use upon your request. When sending artwork we will usually confirm the receipt of your artwork by e-mail. If you do not receive a confirmation please call 1-800-248-6243 to make sure it was received by us.


Logo: This is a design or artwork that represents a company and can include text that states the company name only.

Character: Includes all letters, numbers and special characters including commas & periods but does not include blank spaces.

Extra Characters: Includes all characters above the allotted amount for a particular item. When combined with a logo it is each character that is beyond the definition of a logo. Extra characters are charged at $.30 per character per item and the amount allowed will be at the discretion of our art department as to whether it meets etching area and point size requirements.

Point size: The point is a unit for measuring font size and lines and other minute items on a printed page. One point is approximately 0.4 mm in width or height in size.

     Point Sizes

Line Art Format: This is artwork that is vectorized so each component of the design can be broken apart to be re-sized, have the point size of any line changed or colors turned to black. This can come be sent in a .EPS, .AI (CS4 or lower), .CDR (X7 or lower) or .PDF files.

Etching included in price: This is either a logo that meets our requirements for line point size and character point size or plain character text upto 30 characters per item but not both. Additional characters if allowed will cost $.30 per character.

2nd location Etching: Etching to be done in an additional location other than listed in the product description which may include the back side of an apple or base. For items meeting all requirements for a particular product and artwork measuring less than 2 square inches there will be an additional charge of $10 per item. Larger areas need to be quoted by Apple Awards.
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