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Share Your Thoughts by Inviting Subscriber
March 21, 2019
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Why write?

Dennis, of Apple Awards, is getting courageous with his writing and wants others to be encouraged to do the same. He’s thinking about why he’s been holding back, and why he’s writing now. Read on…

Nothing to Offer?

So why is it that I feel the need to write my thoughts in this blog? Is it because I know so much, that I must impress you, so you can have success and fame? This is hardly the case, and actually, the near opposite is true. Writing my thoughts and experiences is one of the scariest things I have done to date. There is this small voice in my head that tells me that I have nothing to offer others. Have you heard that voice saying the same thing to you?

Afraid of What Others Think?

I have always enjoyed writing a Christmas letter at the end of each year to send to family, friends and relatives. Outside of the worries of spelling things correctly and using proper grammar, this felt like an easy task to me because I was just writing about actual events that had taken place over the past year. That’s simple right? Well, not really because when I write about others in the family, I don’t know if they approve, and to write only about myself feels self centered and narcissistic. These negative thoughts, true or  not, have kept me from writing for the past several years.

Sharing Life As an Act of Generosity

Back to my blog, This blog’s intent is not to tell anyone how they should live, lead, do business, or coach. It’s not to show people that they are loved and appreciated.  I believe the ways to effectively do these things are as numerous as the stars in the sky. I now write as an act of generosity. Yes, to share one’s thoughts, feelings and experiences, I believe, can be a very generous act. Just the fact that deep down I wonder if I have anything to offer, should not keep me from offering what I have. Whether it is of any use to you, “the reader”, is not for me to decide. But if for some reason it is, shouldn’t I muster up the courage to put it out there?

Why I Write

Up to this point in my life I have kept a journal as a simple act of reflection and working things out in my own head. I haven’t worried about spelling, grammar or making sense to anyone but myself, because I was the only reader. I always found this simple habit to be therapeutic and beneficial to my own soul.

Now I am going to be brave and generous by sharing some (not all) of those thoughts, experiences and lessons with you, my friends. No pressure, as I know it’s not for everyone, but  thank you for considering that it may be for someone, maybe not you, but for someone you know and care about. I have benefited so much from reading what others have generously shared with me through books, blogs, videos and social media posts that I desire to give back. That is why I write.

And so, as my good friend Gary always says, “Life is a gift…. live it!” I would humbly add “ and share it”.

You Are Invited

You are invited, as difference makers, leaders, family members, friends, business associates or total strangers to subscribe to my blog. I feel compelled to share my experience and encouragement, as an entrepreneur, leader, and youth sports coach, with those who might benefit from it.  I will post once a week, on Friday mornings for now (maybe twice if something really exciting is happening). Each post will be short, a few paragraphs, and include an applicable experience or thought for you to contemplate. After reading (five minutes at the most) I want you to feel free to respond with your thoughts or experience as an act of generosity to fellow readers on the subject or simply share if it was of any use to you.


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