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80% Success is Showing Up Design
March 28, 2019
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One of the many great principles that organized sports teaches is the value of “showing up”. You may ask, how is something as simple as showing up a great principle? Isn’t it just an expectation of any participant?. Yes it is, but showing up teaches a valuable lesson. We discover the true potential or value of an individual, or a team, when there is a strong commitment to showing up.

What Coaching Taught Me

As a coach, I enjoyed helping to shape and mold young people through the sport or activity I led. As one of my jobs, I helped them find their sweet spot, that thing they loved to do so much that showing up wasn’t a problem. In fact, if not being able to show up and participate was heartbreaking for them, I knew I had found their sweet spot. Often finding this place took time, courage, risk and vulnerability. I sometimes had to move them around a bit and try them in different places.

From time to time, a player who had been on the team would choose to do something else. I wished they would come out for the team and wondered if I had failed to be a good enough leader. It wasn’t enough that they were already a part of something else. They had to be on my team!

I can now honestly say I have grown past the point of wanting everyone on my team. More importantly I no longer feel like a failure when those I lead make a different choice. What I now find important to me is that everyone is showing up somewhere. If they are adding their God given value where they are, being generous with their talent and their time, encouraging others and showing their love for the game or cause, then I am happy.

A Showing Up Challenge

Finally, the thought for the week is, are you showing up somewhere? And, if so, how do you know if you’re showing up in the right place? I think it is as simple as this – will you be missed if you are not there? It’s not all about your physical talent or ability. Your support, encouragement, work ethic, and leadership are other necessary ingredients of a well functioning team. If you don’t show up, will you be missed?

Today, ask the people you show up with if they would miss you if you were gone.  Their answers and the reasons they would miss you might surprise you.  It’s likely not what you would think.

I believe there is a place, a sweet spot, for every humble soul. Now, find yours and go show up!


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