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Falling Short Design
January 10, 2020
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When I come up a little short, I always have to remind myself that this is not final or fatal. 


With the short winter days, it is always a struggle for me to find time to get outside and get some exercise. The simple thing for me, is just to put on some boots, grab the dog, and head to the nearest trail. Walking is very good for me, but it really does not get my heart rate up and challenge my body in any way. On this particular day I took the time to get my ski equipment out and do something a little more strenuous. 

Falling Short

All was well until I got to the trail head, put my skis on and started down the trail, only to discover I had grabbed my daughter’s poles. She is 5’2’’ I am 6’1’’. Can you see the challenge here? Time and daylight were tight so I decided to make the best of it. Who knew? Maybe I would discover a new Nordic technique.

I did not discover a new technique that day, but I did discover a peace in my spirit. A few  years ago, I would have gotten upset, packed up and headed home if everything was not perfect. I would have worried about someone seeing me with those short little poles. What would they think? Why was I not more careful?

This day none of that mattered, I was outside, during the daylight, where I wanted to be. Maybe I would have to work harder, not having the right equipment for my height, but wasn’t that the purpose for the whole excursion? To get my heart rate up and get some exercise?

Giving Grace

The world is hard enough on us when we fall short of expectations. But, aren’t we sometimes our own biggest critic when things don’t work out as planned? 

We love when the world gives us grace, so why not extend the same grace and encouragement to ourselves? The more I learn to forgive myself, the less I find myself worried about what the world thinks of me. And that is the short of it. 

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