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People serving food in relevant teamwork.
February 14, 2020
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Teamwork At School

A lot of things we learn in school get put to the test in real life. Has the learning been relevant or not? For instance, what math do you use day to day? How often do you refer to historical facts? Do people have trouble with your placement of nouns and verbs? Maybe, maybe not. There are, however, countless ways to use the teamwork learned through sports, and many other subjects in school. You don’t even have to be an athlete to use teamwork skills in everyday life.

Teamwork at Apple Awards

Two examples of teamwork have been highlighted lately in the Apple Awards world. Our employees make up the first important team.   Some of our people doing critical jobs have had to take time away from work, “pass the ball” if you will, to a team mate. Because of the flexibility and cooperation between our staff members, the work has gone on. It is so great to have people who work together!

Those who have gathered around to help in a recent medical crisis make up the other team.  Friends have written their support on Caring Bridge, signed up on Meal Train, accompanied to doctor appointments and prayed! Every day has been a miracle of communication and caring. 

Teamwork in Everyday Life

These are the kinds of teams that make a real difference in our lives, past the time when we learn teamwork in school or the sports world. Teamwork in a time of crisis is something anyone can implement. It can be volunteering in a disaster area, getting a group together to help a neighbor move, or joining co-workers to solve a problem in the workplace. It is in school or on sports teams that people often get their first taste of true teamwork, but it becomes so much more important in everyday life. Let’s stress, acknowledge and teach teamwork in all places.

Are you part of a team doing some relevant work today? Is there a team of people you especially appreciate, who serve you in some way?  Leave a comment below to acknowledge them.

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