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Sales Skeptic
January 3, 2020
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There has to be a better way to make sales.

Why am I so skeptical of sales tactics?  I am tired of the gimmicks used to raise false hopes. Tired of all the hype which is often used to close a sale. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to be presented with something that sold itself, simply because it works and does what it claims. Why not sell by sharing a simple story, demonstrating usefulness, and letting me, the customer, decide if I desire or need a product?


The truth is, there are very few things in this world that everyone needs. We are all wired differently, so it’s impossible we would like or desire the same things for our lives. Here lies the tension for those whose job it is to sell, to share the good news about something. Convincing others that they need something, simply because we need to sell it, is not enough. There has to be awareness of the needs of the customer.

Sales Timing

I believe timing is everything when it comes to sales. I have to be ready with my story when the opportunity to sell comes knocking. If I represent something that is truly good and useful, the time will come when someone will be looking for what I have. It’s important for me to know when that need occurs. If I’m alert and ready to share my sales story at the right time, it will probably result in a sale. Selling to benefit the customer, when they need it, should be more important than my need to make a sale. 

To Market, to Market

So I am left with this question, should I advertise or market a good product that meets needs? I believe the answer is yes. The bigger question is how to market. Do I manipulate and do everything I can to make the sale, then move on? Or is there wisdom in being patient, taking time to build curiosity, then trust, and finally loyalty to my product? The first way of selling tends to leave me looking for shortcuts and gimmicks. It’s the kind of marketing that creates skepticism. The second way is more sustaining in the long run, for my product and my business. 

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