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Personalize It!

December 19, 2018
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Think About It

Have you ever thought about how important it can be to personalize a gift? Design is important and a well designed product or gift can quickly and decisively communicate your message. However, if you are giving a gift, but fail to communicate  your feeling in words, your efforts could be lost.

Sometimes, just the act of giving a gift is enough. But, so much better when you take the time to communicate a feeling along with the gift. It can take an ordinary gift and turn it into extraordinary. In fact, the “what’s it for?” is likely the most important question to ask when trying to show appreciation. All these things can be added when you personalize the gift.

The most meaningful, long lasting gifts, I believe, have a compelling “what’s it for?”

To Personalize Adds Value

What is the difference between a $50 gift  and a $150 gift when both are exactly the same object? The difference in the $150 gift might be that it includes a part of you. You invested the time and mental resources to think of something to say. You took the time and energy to have that object transformed into a unique expression. It is the very same $50 object, yet the extra $100 investment represents a valuable, personal message of appreciation.

Are you able to clearly and quickly identify the purpose of what and why you give, whether in the marketplace, your community or at home? Is it for creativity, faithfulness, leadership, longevity? Have you highlighted personal value and influence? What memory will it reinforce for the recipient?  If not, I believe it is worth taking the time to think and get a clear “what’s it for” in mind. Doing this could lead to enhanced relationships, more purpose and greater creative energy in your life.

Let Us Make It Easy

At Apple Awards, we want to give you many ways in which you can personalize that gift to show appreciation, to reward and to memorialize. Our sports plaques for teams have a feature on the back for player autographs.  Adding etching, engraving, your logo or a special photo to the gift make it unique and specific. Our technical, in house experts can do all these things and more for your project. And for your convenience it’s easy to order and see a product preview on our website. To personalize is our aim. Get in touch with our design team and let us show you how we do it.

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