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January 29, 2019
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Back in 2002 Rick Warren wrote a book called the Purpose Driven Life. What I believe Rick was trying to show us in this book is that life just goes better when we live it with purpose. Our true  purpose in this life is not always something that is obvious to us. As a result of our own choices or choices made by those in authority around us, we can find ourselves in circumstances or an environment that makes our purpose easy to miss. So, we know we want it but how do we find it?

Early on in my adult life, I remember thinking that “doing” made all the difference in living a life of purpose. To some extent it was true. What I missed was, the “doing” is only part of the formula, the second part.

First, Be Still.

Quickly, I learned that the only way I could feel good about what I was doing was if I first quieted myself enough to reflect and listen to what I needed to do. This was a really hard thing for me to do, and as I write this, I am realizing it still is, to some extent.

I believe there are two primary ways to quiet yourself and work through questions regarding life,  through meditation or prayer. Myself, I choose prayer because to me prayer is a conversation with my creator, the author of life.

Secondly, Act!

So, I guess what I am recommending is, learn to be still and reflect before action, but don’t forget you must also act. Through regular attention to both prayer and action I believe your true purpose in this life will be revealed.

A Caution

When you are still there will be competing voices for your attention, good and evil. One will tell you that you are worthy and one will try to tell you are worthless. The truth is that you are the first and if you don’t see that you may need some help. It’s ok, we all need help!

For more on purpose in life and business see our post on Growth and Purpose.

Being Still, on Purpose



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