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Back in Balance
May 6, 2019
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Have you ever lost your emotional balance? Recently, I found myself having an unusual number of bad days in a row. There was a noticeable aggravation lingering in my spirit. The problem was I could not identify anything specific that was causing it.

As I reflected on current events in my life I just could not identify anything out of the norm. There were the usual problems, nagging health issues with myself and  people I love, people getting on my nerves, things just not working like I had hoped. None of these were anything new. Nothing drastic had changed that would throw me into this low spot I was experiencing. It was just everyday life. I thought to myself, what am I missing?

It took some uncomfortable time sitting still in silence to realize that my life, particularly my thought life, had lost its balance. It had become predominantly focused on me and less on others.

I know this may sound trite and simplistic, but all it took was a few intentional acts of generosity toward others and I could feel my spirit and attitude righting itself almost immediately.

This Sunday is Mothers Day. Reach out, whether it’s in person, by phone or just resurrecting a memory of your mother. Practice focusing on someone other than yourself and see what happens.


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