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Brand Name Design
February 15, 2019
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Did you know that the future of your next event could depend on your recognition products and the name they bear?  What you give and how you present it is very important!

There is a reason why many events give every participant a t-shirt. And no, it’s not because you need more T-shirts. You’re given a t-shirt in the hope you will wear it, because by wearing it you are helping to promote the event name for the future. T-shirts are one way, a good way, but not the only way.

Athletic Events

At Apple Awards we provide recognition products for the American Birkebeiner®, the largest ski race in North America and  second in the world. The organizers of this race are professionals who know the value of promoting their name to all 13,000 participants. Each one goes home from this event with multiple items that are personalized with their name. In the past couple of years they have gone through a major branding overhaul to create easily recognizable and trademarked images, colors and logos. They have done a masterful job of placing these images on every medal, pin, plaque, shirt, race bib, or gift that goes home with a participant.  These items are displayed in homes and offices all over the world. They are conversation starters and reminders for the participants. They are key elements of branding and name recognition for future events.   

Other Events

Even non athletic events give tokens. The brass medallion with its raven icon from my altMBA course this fall is a good example.  It’s sitting on my desk as a daily reminder of my participation, and at times a conversation starter with visitors. Conferences, contests and almost any event that has participants can easily brand their event with a personalized product that people will appreciate. 

Here at Apple Awards we’ve had a paradigm shift as we think about why and how we produce  recognition products.  Most importantly, it has expanded our purpose from just being producers of awards, to being marketers, helping to promote future events.

In conclusion, if you run an event, big or small, have you thought about the importance of sending something home with each participant, something that boldly display’s your events name on it? Let us help you work on the future success of that event with our wide variety of personalized recognition products. It’s all about your name.

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